We don’t use rabbit ears on our TV anymore, why should you use a traditional 30 year mortgage?

Time flies is something you might parrot when you are young, and agree with when you’re middle aged, but you feel it when on the second half of your century. The only constant is a surprise…its change!

From three channels on the TV and payphones, a mimeograph machine at work and a smoking room, to the end of connected phones and the cloud, things have changed. I fought some changes, I paid for a land line phone that I never dialed in two years before letting it go. Others I thought “wow, how awesome” and jumped right in with both feet. Letting my Garmin tell me where to turn, ended the fight with my spouse over the map! Progress is Cool!

If I’m going to adopt apparently isn’t the question, just how long I can hold off change because I’m tired and don’t feel like learning something now that I will eventually learn and adopt. HMMM why do I wait when its better?!?

Why the build up? Because what our parents told us about buying a house and what the banks sold us as the way to do it is for the most part now nonsense! A 30 year traditional mortgage is a great deal for a bank; savings accounts paying ZERO and CDs paying .75% might not be a good deal for the bank but they are for sure not a good deal for you; but that’s what people do. Until they decide to learn and adopt, then they change to a managed mortgage package! There is a lot of detail to discuss, but the short version is that many people will pay a 30 year mortgage off in 8-12 years or less and earn mortgage rates on savings!

Let us show you what we are talking about and remember our motive. WE AREN’T IN THE MORTGAGE business and we will gain nothing no matter what you do. We are just spreading the word that progress has happened. This time it could make a huge difference in your financial life and as we are a Tax Office, the subject matter is you keeping and making money!

If you’d like to be educated we will refer you to someone we have vetted and we think trustworthy!! The rest is up you. If there is a twisted knotted 12 foot cord hanging from your wall phone, we won’t expect a call. If you have a computer, cell phone or personal message delivering drone, then get in touch with us!

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